Collective Bargaining

MCA Chicago uses the process of collective bargaining to negotiate with our union partner, Pipe Fitters Local 597. Through negotiations we reach agreements on wages, working conditions, training, health and safety, and dispute mechanisms.

Throughout our 125 years of bargaining with Local 597 we have not experienced a single worksite strike. We value our positive working relationship with our union partner. Together we are able to provide the most productive and safest labor/management team in the construction industry. Our good relationship is a promise to end users that their work will be completed the way they want it – professionally, timely, and within budget.

Area Agreements & Wage Letters

If you are an MCA Member, please view the Area Agreement and Wage Letters below.
Area Agreement
Industrial Agreement
2017 Wage Letter Area Agreement
2017 Wage Letter Industrial Agreement
2017 Wage Letter Residential Agreement

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