MCA is very active in Industry Advocacy. Through our Government Relations Committee, we discuss and recommend appropriate actions primarily with respect to state and local (but also national) legislative, regulatory and legal issues.

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The Latest News from Springfield

November 9, 2017

The Illinois General Assembly concluded the 2017 Veto Session on November 9, 2017. A record number of vetoes were overridden; however, the effort to override the veto of the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act failed. That measure, SB 1905, prohibited local governments from passing any law restricting collective bargaining rights. It was vetoed by Governor Rauner in July, and the veto stands. Local governments may attempt to pass ordinances creating right to work zones in their jurisdiction.

The legislature reconvenes in January, 2018. The Session schedule has been released and several dates are of note: Governor Rauner’s State of the State speech is January 31, and the Budget Address is February 14. During these televised speeches, the Governor will present his substantive agenda and spending priorities for the next fiscal year.   We look forward to hosting an event in Springfield for MCA members during the Budget Address.

We are entering into the second year of a two-year cycle, which means that 2018 will be an election year for state offices. All members of the Illinois House and two-thirds of the Illinois Senate are up for reelection, as well as all statewide offices: Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Comptroller and Treasurer. The primary this year is on March 20 and the general election is in November, 2018.


November 1, 2017

The Illinois General Assembly will reconvene in the final week of the 2017 Veto Session on November 7. The legislature will continue to address Governor Rauner’s vetoes. The House is expected to make a second attempt to override the veto of Senate Bill 1905, known as the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act, which prohibits local governments from passing any law restricting collective bargaining rights. It was vetoed by Governor Rauner in July; the Senate overrode the veto in the first week of Veto Session. Last week, the House failed to override by one vote and is expected to try again next week. The Senate is expected to attempt to override Governor Rauner’s veto of House Bill 2462, which prohibits employers from requiring the disclosure of prior salary history from prospective employees. The House has already voted to override House Bill 2462. The legislature is also expected to again take up a measure banning “bump stocks” in Illinois. Bump stocks are devices that are attached to guns and designed to accelerate the firing mechanism. Bump stocks were used in the recent Las Vegas mass shooting. A first effort failed in the House, and the measure will likely be revisited next week. The Spring Session calendar is traditionally released on the last day of the Veto Session. We will provide it to you as soon as it becomes available.


MCA Lobbying

  • MCA is involved with lobbying groups, including IMSCA (lobbying group for specialty contractor associations) via this committee. Our committee chair Dave Nelson is currently president of IMSCA and has been in his role since December 2016.
  • What Is IMSCA? Learn more with this member benefits brochure.
  • Bridget Dougherty is our lobbyist at the state and local levels. She is supported by Morrill and Associates in her watch of Springfield.
  • The MCA has its own political action fund (MIPAC), where we can make donations to state and local candidates.

  • Helpful Resources

  • Illinois State Capitol Website
  • Illinois General Assembly Website
  • Need a refresher on how a bill becomes a law in Illinois? Click to view this simple infographic, via the Illinois General Assembly.